Guinness kegerators

If Guinness is your favorite beer then you should be aware that you can get a Guinness kegerator that is set up and ready to chill and dispense this popular beverage. Guinness kegs require some different equipment than most others. They require a different gas which is a 75% nitrogen and 25% Co2 mix. Often local gas companies can provide this mix for your Guinness kegerator needs. The stout faucet and keg coupler also differ for the Guinness set up. Instead of converting another system you can start with the proper equipment and save time and money.

The Guinness kegerator comes with all you need to serve up the perfect stout (the gas tank typically is not included but is easily obtained separately). The system is available in different colors and styles to match your home decor. The Guinness kegerator is an efficient, dependable system that will allow you to have your favorite beverage on tap right away. Imagine inviting over your friends and surprising them with a large supply of fresh, tasty Guinness, but be warned that it may be hard to get them to leave once they have discovered your new friend.

Guinness is a special beverage and it requires a slightly different system that is worth getting all together, from the start, to ensure that it functions properly. A Guinness kegerator will provide many years of enjoyment and entertaining fun, so quench your thirst with one of the most well known and loved beers in the world, Guinness.