Beer Kegs vs. cans

Kegs or cans; You do the math!

All of us are happy to save a little money here and there, especially these days. In this article we will look at the financial benefits of purchasing kegs vs. cans of beer. Let’s use Budweiser as an example, because it is one of the most popular beers in America, and you can translate to your favorite brew from there.

A six pack of Bud or Bud Light costs around $5.50 or 91 cents per can, in a local market. A half keg of Budweiser costs approximately $90. and contains 165, 12 oz beers. That’s 6.8 cases or 15.5 gallons. So, at 91 cents per beer it would cost around $150 for 165 beverages. That equals a total savings of $60 when drinking from the keg rather than buying cans. Other things to consider are the environmental impact of cans vs the reusable keg, and the convenience of beer on tap vs stopping at a store on a regular basis to buy small quantities. Kegerators start as inexpensive as $450 or thereabouts. So, you’ll get delicious beer right in your home, just like they have in the bars. As we all know, kegs are great for entertaining and creating an instant party.

The prices given are examples and may vary in your town or state. Also factor in the co2 and electric consumption of the refrigerator, but keep in mind that new kegerators are very efficient and don’t use much electricity because of there size and the fact that the door is seldom opened.