Glacier Brewhouse Beers


Anchorage, Alaska

Glacier BrewHouse is dedicated to your enjoyment of the finest handcrafted brews available. In our quest to deliver outstanding quality, we purchase only the finest raw ingredients from  throughout the world.

Menu Standards

The mahogany hue and rich malty character emanate from the imported English caramel malts used; medium bodied and slightly sweet, a subtle hop note can be sensed in the finish.

INDIA PALE ALE Born in the days of the British Empire, our IPA has the high hop bitterness required to make the trip “Around the Horn” to India. Dark straw in color, the BrewHouse IPA is a strong ale with an intense hop aroma.

BREWHOUSE BLONDE   Crisp and refreshing, our Blonde Ale has a light body, mild aroma, and a smooth creamy finish.

OATMEAL STOUT  A full-bodied opaque black ale replete with roasted barley, caramel and roasted malts. The rolled oats provide a lush background for the complex malt character. To further enhance the smoothness and drinkability, we nitrogenate our stout

Seasonally Rotated Beers

MUNICH HELLES “Helles” is German for “light” or “pale”. This Munich style pale lager is a beautiful light golden color with a smooth medium body and low bitterness.

SCOTCH ALE This ale is sweet, caramellike, and malty. The low bitterness and medium body allows the malt to shine through. Golden amber in color.

BLACK RYE BOCK Our Black Rye Bock has a distinctive bitter chocolate palate and black color. Spiciness with a malty sweetness rounds up this cold season bock.

CHERRY XXXMAS Santa’s little helper – a hig alcohol triple bock finished with a second pitching of ale yeast and 1.5 pounds of cherries per gallon. Crisp lager notes blended with big cherry. Served in a wine glass.

BELGIAN BROWN This ruddy brown ale has fruit aromas obtained from a special blending of Belgian yeast strains, with malty, sweet, and slightly chocolate flavors.

RYE BOCK Big and malty with a unique rye flavor – distinctively crisp, and slightly spicy. Exceptionally smooth and creamy mouth feel.

>HONEY PUMPKIN LOVER  “Pumpkin pie in your glass” best describes this Fall brew. Cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and pumpkin in both the flavor and the aroma.

BOHEMIAN PILSNER Medium bodied, slightly malty, summer quaffer. Balanced nicely with traditional moderate bitterness and hop flavor from Czech hops.

OAK AGED MARZEN OKTOBERFEST  A medium bodied, sweet malty lager aged in Jim Beam barrels for six months. Flavors of boubon, chocolate and vanilla compliment the big malt flavor beautifully. The color is brilliant copper orange and bitterness is low.

ALT Rich, malty, old world style German ale with a clean and quenching bitterness that comes from imported German hops.

PALE ALE Beautiful round malt flavor. Unfiltered and incredibly fruity. Big floral and citrus aromas abound. Nitrogenated for velvet smoothness.

SMOKED 80 SCHILLING ALEThere was a time when all beers were fire brewed. The Scottish peated malt supplies a smokey accent to this medium gravity scotch ale reminiscent of those fire brewed beers. Dry and crisp, this beer is a natural with Barbecue Salmon.

WINTERWARMER Whether its a satiating pint after a day well done, an apres ski thirst quencher, or a bit of warmth to add to the holidays, our Winterfest is just the ticket. This special winter warmer serves up a bounty of maltiness. Our Brewers gift to you!

HEFEWEIZEN Like its Bavarian cousin, our rendition of this wheat beer is light and crisp. The banana and clove notes evident in both the aroma and flavor, come from the unique yeast strain used. Slightly tart and refreshing, this beer is reminiscent of summers past.

DUNKEL WEIZEN A classic Munichner dunkel. This dark, malty, chocolate and fruity banana clove quaffer is perfect for these winter nights.

HAWAIIAN-WEIZENLight and refreshing, hints of clove and banana accent this classic wheat beer, twisted with a hint of pineapple for zestiness.

PORTER Deliciously deep, dark and chocolaty brown porter, that boasts a plethora of roast flavors. Medium body, low bitterness and smooth mouth feel.

ROBUST PORTER Our Brewers traveled back to the year 1722 to bring forth this richly flavored gem. Dark, smooth with a hint of molasses, this ale exudes the changes of season!.

PORTHOLE PORTERThis beer was born from a collaboration between Full Sail Brewer Dave Wendell and the BrewHouse Brew Crew. Floor malted Marris Otter British hops and European ale yeast produce a classic porter: medium bodied, smooth chocolate malt aroma/ flavor balanced with a subtle hop bitter.

BOCK Our traditional Bock, keeping with tradition, was brewed in the fall and aged for several months. This strong, malty brew was the first beer hoisted in the spring in Germany.

OAT BOCKOats bring warmth to the bowl at breakfast, they bring the winnie to the horse, and when it comes to bock, the combination of malted and flaked oats shines in the intense oat/cereal flavor and velvety smooth texture.

DOPPLE BOCK This malty sweet, full bodied, deep amber German lager warms the palate with its adequete alcohol. A malt lover’s dream.

WEIZEN BOCKTrue to it’s Bavarian cousins, this bock employed a Bavarian Wheat yeast to produce the trademark ester / clove flavor. It’s appelation as a bock is certified by the 6.5% (v/v) alcohol content. The silky smooth character comes from the nine month aging period.

MAIZE BOCKWe call this bock variation A-MAIZING Grace! In contrast to a normal bock malt profile, the high percentage of corn used in this grist lightens the body considerably. Combined with the trademark flavor, this beer lies on the outer edges of the bock style.

2004 BIG WOODY BARLEYWINE  Aged one year in Napa Valley wine barrels from the Silverado winery. Flavors of vanilla, tangerine and wine compliment the intense maltiness of this beer perfectly.

OAK AGED BEERS Unique one barrel releases of outlandish beer. This week it is Beam Black Rye Bock. A  distinctive chocolate palate, rye spiciness, high alcohol and malty sweetness round out this black colored beer. Aged six months in Jim Beam bourbon barrels to add flavors of bourbon, vanilla and coconut.

RED ALEReddish copper in color, this medium bodied malty ale is balanced out with big American hop aroma and succint bitterness.

RED CURRANT LAMBIC  Peachy red in color, with apple-like sourness. This lambic will scarcely seem like a beer with its shock of earthly aromas and its profound stillness and tartness. Aged for two years, including one in oak, with a pound of red currants per gallon, this beer is a classic example of a rare unblended lambic.

IMPERIAL BLONDE   High alcohol, slightly malty, creamy and smooth drinking. This light colored ale is a perfect summer quaffer with a kick. Served in a wine glass.

OAK AGED IMPERIAL STOUTThis whopper boasts malt, chocolate, roast, coconut and alcohol. Matured in Napa valley wine barrels for eight months.

CHERRY WHEAT Fresh red tart cherries (1/2 lbs. per gallon) are added to our American wheat ale during fermentation. The result is a pink tinted, satiating beer with a light cherry flavor.

BROWN ALE English style brown ale that is deep copper in color with a dry malty caramel flavor and medium body. Look for a touch of vanilla and chocolate in the finish.

NUT BROWN ALE Sweet, nutty malty, and chocolatey flavors abound in our easy drinking Nut Brown Ale.

BELGIAN STYLE WIT Belgian style unfiltered wheat beer, with fruity aromas of clove, corriander and orange peel. Low bitterness, refreshing, and smooth.

EXTRA SPECIAL BITTER  More robust than ordinary bitter, ESB possesses medium hop bitterness and the flavor of imported English hops. Whether a pint with a bite, or a session choice, this ESB is sure to please.

VIENNA LAGER Vienna and Munich malts provide the dominant toasty flavor and aroma. Very mild hop flavor and aroma from German hops puts the emphasis on malt. Light to medium bodied.

NORTHWEST PALE ALEBorn in England, and raised in the United States, this ale style combines a light pale ale with Cascade and Mt. Hood hops. This copper colored ale is crisp and refreshing.

RASPBERRY WHEAT  Loaded with 210 pounds of real raspberries. Tart and satiating, this beer is red in color and boasts fruity flavors of raspberries. Perfect for summer.

MARZEN Medium bodied, sweet malty lager perfect for quaffing while celebrating Oktoberfest. Proast!

GLACIERFESTWhat do Brewers do to celebrate fall? Well, here at the BrewHouse they brewed an extra strong Marzen and called it Glacierfest. Using a labor intensive double decoction brewing process, the brewing crew created a smooth lager with big malt character.

CASK CONDITIONED ALE In a traditional English presentation, ale is hand drawn directly from the cask, yielding a softer, more flavorable drinking experience. Ask your server for today’s selection.

HONEY MAI BOCK  This traditional German lager gets an added kick with 120 pounds of sweet lovin’ honey! Malty sweet, slightly alcoholic, medium bodied, and low bitterness.

HOPPE BOCKWhen you think of bock….it’s the malt! Ya, Ya, Yah. We live in the Northern North-West; And that means hops! For this bock we have added Columbus to the finish and dry hopped with copious quantities of Columbus and Cascades for a big hop flavor.

BEAM BOCKTake a traditional bock, deep mahogany in color, rich malt character, subtle hop notes from noble hops and age it in a mature Jim Beam barrel. The result is a big complex beer softened by vanillin notes and mellowed by barrel aging.

MUNICH BOCKHistorically bocks of Germany were made with a high percentage of Minich malt compasing the grist. We took the grist one step farther with this bock by using100% Munich malt. Predominant in the malt character are the toffee and caramel notes.

SMOKED BOCKThe influence of Bamberg famous for it’s Rauchbier can be experienced in our smoked bock. This smoked bock was produced using the same malt profile and noble hops as the standard bock. We added peated malt to the grist for a predominant smoke flavor. This assertive beer is not for the timid of tongue!

DRY HOPPED AMBER ALE Using our malty Amber Ale as a base, we have added a generous handful of Willamette hops that adds an underlying herbal tone. Nitrogenated for a creamy mouthfeel.

The Glacier Brew House does offer beer to go. Choose from growlers (jugs) or kegs of their flagship and seasonal beers. Glacier Brewhouse beers can not be shipped.