Glacier Brewhouse

Discover The Glacier BrewHouse.

I spotted The Glacier BrewHouse as I explored downtown Anchorage, in June 2004. I was excited to visit a new brew pub and see what they had to offer. I was instantly impressed by a large, open restaurant and from where I stood I could see a nice big bar across the room.

I was introduced to the head brewer of Glacier BrewHouse, who showed me the brewery and all related systems. It was big, clean and beautiful, and we discussed the beers and the components of the brewing system. Like many brewpubs, The Glacier BrewHouse has a brewing room that is visible to customers. Large glass windows look out upon their impressive system.

By the end of my visit it was clear to me that the Glacier BrewHouse brewery is a serious, professional set up, capable of making outstanding beers.  And that is exactly what they do. The Brew House offers a selection of standards as well as seasonal specials. Look at the seemingly endless list of amazing beers that have been produced out of this facility. Obviously the brewers are highly educated and dedicated to their craft. The Glacier Brew House brewers are not content to just offer the same old beers week after week. They are always trying new things and challenging themselves to make the best beer.

The dedication to making great beer is also shown in the ongoing efforts to improve and upgrade the facility. Just this year alone the BrewHouse has added a new 1000 gallon fermenting vessel, a 62 gallon pilot brewing system, and several new barrels to the oak barrel aging program. The brewery now has 45 oak barrels from all over the world. I must say that the stacks of oak barrels with aging brew is a wonderful sight to see. Knowing that delicious beers with unique flavors will come out of these oak barrels, in future weeks or even months, brought a smile to my face.

My short visit to The Glacier BrewHouse was exceptional. I was greeted by friendly people that were happy to take a little time out of their busy schedules to talk with me. I saw a brewing program that was professional and dedicated to the craft of brewing great beer. Make a point to visit The Glacier BrewHouse, in Anchorage Alaska, and enjoy one of their fresh and tasty beers.

In addition to their Anchorage location, you can find Glacier BrewHouse beers in over 50 other establishments, throughout Alaska.