The Boston Beer Company, Going Strong!

At the close of the markets on Friday, The Boston Beer Company, Inc., best known for its Samuel Adams Boston Lager, closed with a share price of $103.97 (up 3.9% on the day). The stock has been steadily climbing, overall, since 2003, when the share price was around $19. In 1998 you could have bought shares for just $6.75. The 52 week high was just above Friday’s price at $105.08, which would also be it’s all time high. The Boston Beer Company’s market cap now stands at $1.34 billion. Business in the third quarter 2011 was up 8% over last year and core shipment volume for 2011 (1st 3 quarters) was approximately 1,800,000 barrels, a 6% increase over the same period in 2010.

The company was started in 1984 and now brews over 25 styles of beer. Whether you love or hate the beer, it is impossible to argue this is one micro-brewing company that has found a model for huge success outside of what any pundit could have predicted in 1984. While it is impossible for us to say if this is a smart investment for your dollar, we have certainly been paid many dividends from enjoyment of their products.